At Root to Rise Nutrition, my main goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through your food choices and habits. By using various assessment tools and tests, I'll work with you to solve the puzzle of how food makes you feel and how it could be impacting your physical and emotional health.

You are what you eat....but more importantly, you are what you eat and absorb. So proper digestion is a critical piece of the puzzle, and oftentimes, it's overlooked. Part of your journey to optimal health will be to ensure your digestive system is working properly.


I am available to consult on any number of dietary concerns, but my main areas of focus include:

  • Natural weight management
  • General health and nutrition analysis
  • Digestive distress/discomfort (including IBS and IBD)
  • Food sensitivities/intolerances and elimination diets
  • Pre- and post-natal nutrition
  • Metabolic syndrome support
  • Blood sugar balance support

Food is nature's medicine...but it should also taste good and be enjoyable to eat! Let's work together to find a balance between food, health and happiness.