Nutrition Packages

Nutrition packages with multiple sessions are the best way to get the most out of nutrition counseling. Together, we're able to establish a detailed plan for success, and help you stay accountable to that plan. This leads to better outcomes and results! Whether you need general nutrition guidance, protocols to support a specific health condition, menu planning, a pantry overhaul, or other dietary advice, I have you covered.

Schedule a free 15 minute consult!

I offer free, 15-minute "discovery sessions" in which we discuss your current health concerns and goals, how I work, and if my services are the right fit for you. These 15 minutes could be the first step in your journey of healing through food!

6-Month Natural Weight Management Package


If you've struggled to lose or maintain weight and want professional guidance, this is your jumpstart to sustained success. Usually done over a three-month period, the weight management plan is completely customized to fit your individual biochemistry, food habits, and lifestyle.


  • Five Sessions - initial 90-minute session, two 60-minute + two 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Comprehensive health assessment, including macro- and micronutrient analysis
  • Metabolism assessment
  • In-depth analysis to find your most appropriate diet
  • Detailed nutrition education and food therapy guidance
  • Personalized meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes
  • Supplement and functional lab test recommendations, if needed
  • Additional support as needed


Digestive Distress Reset Package


Have you suffered through digestive issues wondering if it's something you're eating that's causing such discomfort? I'll get to the root cause of your tummy troubles with tools such as elimination diets, food sensitivity tests, and GI motility assessments.


  • Four Sessions - initial 90-minute session, two 60-minute and one-30 minute follow-up sessions
  • In-depth analysis of food intake and associated physical symptoms
  • Tests to determine food intolerances and sensitivities (cost of test varies and is not included)
  • Assessment of digestion, including motility analysis
  • Personalized meal plan and recipes, including elimination diets if appropriate
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Additional support as needed

Flexible Nutrition Package


Know you need help, but not exactly sure how much? This flexible nutrition package is a great option. Includes individual assessment and as-needed tests to customize a nutrition plan that fits your biochemical needs, dietary preferences, and food habits.


  • Three Sessions - initial 90-minute session, one 60-minute and one 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Comprehensive health assessment, including macro- and micronutrient analysis
  • Nutrition education and food therapy guidance
  • A personalized meal plan, including recipes, shopping list, and guidelines
  • Required lab testing based on individual needsĀ  (cost of test varies and is not included)
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Additional support as needed

A-La-Cart Sessions

Although people typically have better results with a nutrition package, I understand that stand-alone sessions can be a better fit for some people. In these cases, the first appointment is 90 minutes long, and follow-ups are available as 60 and 30-minute sessions. Please message me for current a-la-cart pricing.

Lab Tests and Supplements

My approach will vary based on each person's situation and goals. Certain concerns can be analyzed more appropriately and efficiently with lab tests. These will be recommended as needed and will be charged separately.

High quality supplements such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids can quickly boost nutrient status and improve overall health. If recommended, these will be an additional cost.

Ready to get started?

Contact me to set up an appointment or a free 15-minute consult! As a virtual practice, I can consult with clients anywhere in the U.S. via phone, email and video conferencing.